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Todd Martin

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Social Media + CRM = Social Selling

September 19, 2012

How are you connecting with today’s new, better-informed customer? This blog will explore the changing role of today’s sales professional.

I’m Todd Martin. I’ve been working in sales management and CRM for over 20 years, and was fortunate enough to be in on the ground floor of some very successful technology companies, like GoldMine, SalesLogix and Sage CRM. I’m now leading the Sales team at Nimble (a web-based social relationship manager).

I’ve always been passionate about CRM and the sales profession for a variety of reasons. I like people. I like helping people by providing them with products or services that make their personal or professional lives better or richer or easier in some way. And I like tools that help consumers and companies connect.

I’ll be focusing primarily on social selling — you might hear it called Sales 2.0 or Social CRM — in this space. This new sales paradigm is aptly named: It describes standard sales techniques blended with the new opportunities and challenges that social media offer to today’s salespeople.

2012’s Savvy Customer

The collision of CRM and social media is transforming the selling process. Customers are more informed than ever, and they’ve taken the lead in sales interactions. The tools that are accommodating this change –LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et al – are constantly evolving. So the concept of social selling has to constantly change in small ways to accommodate these new capabilities.

You can consult books or blogs or webinars or entire websites about social selling. But with only so many hours in your workday, how do you identify the best sources of information about managing your customer relationships?

I’m offering this blog as one of your options. I’ve watched the sea change taking place in the sales process from a front row seat. I know what worked with both traditional sales approaches and with the new social selling because I’ve been serving in the profession all along.

And I’ve worked with tremendously talented teams who built software and websites that can empower sales professionals and help them manage their customer relationships, like Jon Ferrara’s GoldMine and Nimble, and Pat Sullivan’s SalesLogix and ACT. As CRM morphed into social CRM, I watched the “R” become the most critical letter in that acronym.

A Collaborative Community

While I have a lot to share with you about social selling and the tools that make it possible, I’m hoping that this blog won’t just consist of my voice. I want to hear about you, how you’re making the transition to the new social sellingmodel.

Tell me about the passion that prompted you to either start your own business or work for your current employer. Comment about your CRM experience, what works for you and what doesn’t.

Most important, I want to know where you’re running into problems during this period of great change, and how I might help you. Along the way, those of us who create this community can get to know each other.

Thanks for visiting. I hope to see you again soon.

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