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Todd Martin

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4 Ways Social Selling Makes You a Better Salesperson

September 25, 2012

Social selling offers you tremendous professional benefits and opportunities for personal growth.

Why did you choose sales as your profession? Passion about a product? Like dealing with people? Just plain good at selling?

Your occupation is evolving. Today’s social selling model — developing relationships, offering solutions and identifying leads on social media sites — makes you more than a peddler of goods, a reciter of features and prices and warranties. It challenges you to further develop skills that you already possess – to progress to new levels of excellence that expand your capabilities.

Here’s what I’ve discovered during the transition from old-school pitching to the new social selling:

  • I’m no longer just a source for information and a closer. The repetitive element of my job — the endless responding to the same questions – is gone for the most part. Social selling gives me the freedom to support my customers and prospects in a more rewarding fashion. By the time I start interacting with them, they usually know a great deal about what I’m selling because they’ve visited my website and other social media venues, asked friends and colleagues for recommendations, and read reviews. Customers are now in charge of the sales relationship.
  • I’ve strengthened my customer relationship skills. I chose sales as my vocation because I like helping people find solutions to problems. Social media sites are overflowing with individuals looking for just that. Rather than cold-calling an old list or pursuing dried-up leads, I’m joining real-time conversations and learning new ways to identify and engage prospects.
  • My understanding of my company’s products is deeper and richer. Frankly, today’s customers ask harder questions. Social selling gives me the opportunity to really explore how these items I sell can make someone’s personal or professional life easier or better or more productive.
  • I’m developing more creative, more effective ways to show people who I am. People have always gravitated to salespeople that they like, and who they feel are genuinely interested in their needs. Social selling lets me more easily share with customers – my passions, my sense of humor, my desire to help and my generosity – in short bursts. Sometimes the human element of sales gives you an edge over the competition.

I’ll continue to introduce you to tools and techniques and other resources that can help you excel at social selling, our new professional reality. The social media universe changes constantly, and it’s our job to change with it.

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