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Social Selling Doesn’t Sleep: How to Keep Up During December

December 3, 2012

If you were already having trouble budgeting hours for social networking, the holidays won’t make that any easier. Here are some time-saving suggestions.

Todd personal blog 112012 image 1How much time do you spend on your social media activities every week? VerticalResponse, a web-based marketing services company, just asked that question of roughly 500 of its customers.

The results? 43 percent spent 6 or more hours. 25 percent spent 6-10 hours. 11 percent spent 11-20 hours. And 7 percent spent a whopping 21 hours+.

If you’re on the high end of those percentages, you’re probably pulling more than 40-hour work weeks. Add your holiday obligations to that, and there goes any hope for relaxing and enjoying this busy time of the year.


But there are ways to economize on your social networking. Here are a few:

  • Set up a schedule and stockpile content. Build in room for more timely entries.
  • Schedule some of those posts for specific dates and times. Many social media management tools automate this – Twitter’s TweetDeck is one.  Are you using another that’s working well for you? Leave a comment here.Todd personal blog 112012 image 2
  • Combine the two sets of responsibilities. Encourage your audience to talk about those friends and relatives who are impossible to buy gifts for, and solicit suggestions. Get some help with your own list.
  • Set up Google Alerts and/or RSS feeds to save time trolling for content.
  • Simplify your content calendar. Everyone else is especially busy this time of year, too, so consider lightening up your editorial calendar until after New Year’s.
  • Do an exchange with a guest blogger. Look for thought leaders in your field and ask one to contribute a useful post, like a how-to or a simple explanation of a complex concept. It’s good publicity for them, and you can recycle one of your own posts on the other blogger’s site.
  • Don’t waste time on non-producing venues. Concentrate on the sites where you get the best response.
  • Use your mobile devices to squeeze in brief Tweets or posts while you’re waiting for a meeting to start or sitting in a coffee shop or when you’ve hit a wall with another work project.
  • If you have a blog – and 55 percent of small businesses do, according to VerticalResponse – use Twitterfeed to funnel its content to your other social networks automatically.Todd personal blog 112012 image 3

How have you learned to save time on social media activities? Leave a comment here and share it.

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Great seasonal tips Todd.

For Social Media pay-back, I picked up on the importance of a rough rotation of 5 topics:
– something personal/professional – show you’re human
– a Retweet, from an industry role model – gain visibility
– highlight a Third Party content piece – add value to followers
– make a controversial comment soliciting replies – be a challenger
– and a link to one of your own blog posts or landing pages – for traffic and leads

Amend the recipe depending on your palate, then tray to bake into your daily routine.