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Not Using Google+? New Features Might Interest You

December 19, 2012

Todd Martin blog 121912 image 1I know you have to budget your social media time, and you can’t be everywhere. Recent changes on Google+ may catch your interest. Or perhaps not.

Maybe it’s because Facebook and Twitter were first. Or because it has more of a learning curve than either of those sites. For whatever reason, Google+ hasn’t taken off like other networks have. It’s still sitting at roughly 100 million users, compared to Facebook’s billion+.

The search giant keeps slowly bringing on more reasons to consider creating or beefing up your presence there. Last week, it tacked on a couple dozen, and tech journalists rushed to gush over the upgrades.

I didn’t see a lot that would compel me to get more active on Google+, but there were a few announcements that might improve your social selling abilities.

Some Social Selling Aids

The changes included…

  • …New iPhone and Android apps that, for example, make your iPhone user experience more consistent with Google’s other mobile apps. The revamped Android app lets you automatically save full-size backups of your photos (up to 5GB at no charge), which could save your bacon if you’ve taken critical pictures for your blog or website.Todd Martin blog 121912 image 2
  • You can now interact with Google+ Communities (similar to Facebook Groups) on your phone or tablet, which caught my attention the most; it might be helpful if you’re out of the office a lot and you have active conversations going with prospects and customers.
  • There are also a couple of small, technical improvements to Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts can be helpful to you as a salesperson because they give you the ability to host live video meetings with multiple people online. You could make sales presentations to groups, have remote meetings with other team members or just interact with a long-distance client in a more personal way.

Fostering Relationship-Building

  • Google+ Events just became more useful to salespeople, too.  It lets you send online invitations to events like Hangouts, webinars and other virtual or live events through Google+ itself, or by pasting the URL into gMail. With this recent upgrade, you can now invite select guests and see who’s opened the invite.
  • Suggestions isn’t a brand-new feature, but it’s one of the more useful ones for expanding your social and business networks. Click on Circles in Google+, then Find people. Drag individuals into the search box, and you’ll discover new, similar relationships worth exploring.

Todd Martin blog 121912 image 3So how about you? Are you using Google+? Why or why not? If it’s not on your short list of favored networking sites for social selling, tell me what is. 

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