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Strengthen Your Own Social Media Muscles in 2013: 5 Exercises

January 23, 2013

I’ve said I don’t make resolutions, but setting realistic, achievable goals for the next year is always a smart practice.

Todd Martin 010213 image 2Flipping to your January calendar is always invigorating. Fresh start. Clean slate. Starting over. Pick your cliché.

Your company has probably already developed strategies for 2013, and your responsibilities as a team member will undoubtedly keep you busy.

But even the most focused, specific business strategies leave room for social selling activity that hasn’t been committed to paper. And social media will change during the next 12 months. So you might consider setting some small personal goals that will both keep you abreast of this continuing evolution and continue to hone your skills as a sales professional working in the virtual world.

Be Your Own Taskmaster

The concept of social sales still has its detractors. So does the social media model itself. But the lion’s share of predictions for 2013 see growth in numerous areas that will affect your profession, like mobile access. Local marketing. Even the heavily-hyped Big Data.

So be sure that you’re developing your own social selling skills on your own, not just based on your employer’s goals. None of us knows where we’ll be when the calendar changes to 2014. Try these ideas:

Spend an hour every week doing pure research. If you get one idea or insight from each session, it’ll be worth your time. Keep a separate journal and write them down. Two sites that cover social media well are (for trends, news, informed opinions, etc.) and HubSpot (for very specific how-to’s and other actionable marketing tools).   Consult original sources when you can for social media demographics, like Gallup ( and the U.S. Census Bureau.Todd Martin 010213 image 2

Send a marketing email that you’ve originated to at least one group of prospects/clients every month. Email marketing is far from dead. In fact, it outperforms social media advertising 3-1, according to the Direct Marketing Association. You probably know this from your personal purchasing experience.

Work on your skills at producing visuals. Visuals reach people where straight text or graphics don’t. They get shared frequently. They help your audience learn about you, not just your products, by how you frame your message.

Keep a close eye on your own successes. Evaluate your own impact on the positive outcomes your company experiences in its social selling efforts. You’ll see patterns emerge, and can jot down your own strengths and weaknesses.

(I’m serious about the notebook thing. Treat yourself to a nice leather-bound notebook that’s small enough to carry around and only use it for your personal insights about social selling and your own role in it.)

Todd Martin 010213 image 3Document social media posts that you think are particularly effective in portraying a product or brand. Yes, the notebook again.

Read over your notebook periodically. You’re going to forget some of the insights you’ve penned, which is why you should write them down.

There are countless successful paths to success in social selling. So decide what “success” means to you personally and keep expanding your own abilities.

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