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Know When to Fold ‘em

May 9, 2013

Move on when it’s time.

Are you happy in your current sales position? Are you productive and following a great sales process? Making your personal and company sales quotas? Accepting that there will be down times, but feeling that the positive outweighs the negative in your job?

Todd Martin 050213 image 1If you answered Yes to those questions, you don’t need to read this.

I know the sales profession has a reputation for being somewhat transitory. Some salespeople change jobs frequently. My history is a bit different: I’ve tended to stay in the same place for a number of years, acknowledging the ebb and flow of this high-stress, fast-paced career.

As you well know, products and demographics and expectations and markets change so rapidly – especially if you’re in the technology field, like I am. And sometimes you need to start fresh, perhaps because you believe so strongly in the mission of another organization.

I recently began a new position with a very exciting company, and I’d like to tell you a bit about it. Our mobile version is pictured above. Here’s part of what you’ll see on your desktop:

Todd Martin 050213 image 2

Pipeliner works the same way you do, streamlining your organizational flow.

I saw a demo of Pipeliner — sales CRM software — and I was intrigued. I downloaded the application and ran it through its paces, and I was more than intrigued. I wanted to be a part of the company that created such an exceptional tool. Turns out I was a good fit for the organization, too. I’m now Pipeliner’s VP of Sales.

Pipeliner helps you tame your workflow. It recreates the steps in the sales process (see image above) that mimic that way most professionals work. The bulk of the screen is populated with your prospects. Hover over one, and a small window opens, providing more details.

The lower part of the screen displays navigational tools, gateways to the windows where your real work goes on.

Todd Martin 050213 image 3

You’ll launch your work sessions from this horizontal taskbar.

Pipeliner is a downloadable Mac or Windows application (30-day free trial; no credit card required), plus iPhone and Android apps, and looks and acts like a state-of-the-art web-based solution. It’s fast. It’s solid. And it doesn’t get in your way. It simply helps you develop and implement an effective process, increasing your productivity and documenting each stage of each potential customer’s path.

And it’s exceedingly thorough. Look at how you can define and track leads:

Todd Martin 050213 image 4

Pipeliner’s user interface is clean and intuitive, but there’s plenty of depth within.

I didn’t mean for this blog post to be a commercial for Pipeliner, but I think you can see how excited I am about this sales CRM solution and my new professional home.

No one can tell you when it’s time to move on. But as you may have learned during your career, too, your job becomes easier and more fulfilling — and you’ll probably be more successful – when you’re selling products or services that you’re optimistic and enthusiastic about.


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Congrats on the move, Todd.
I see Pipeliner is not a webapp, but does it provide constant syncing to other team members via the web somehow?

Jeff Waters

May 9, 2013

It does with the new release yesterday – version 5.2 – allows auto syncing.

Todd Martin

June 26, 2013