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Getting Social Traffic But No Sales? 5 Reasons Why Not

June 26, 2013

Here are a few simple ways to boost conversions on the web.

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You don’t understand it. Traffic on your social sites is up. You’re getting Likes and comments and Retweets. Google has been kind to you. But you’re not converting prospects as often as you know you should be.

So let’s look at some of the reasons why you might be getting lots of nibbles but aren’t reeling much in.

Some of your visitors are wary. They’ve been down this road before, too many times. Everyone has been taken in by a skilled sales pitch, only to realize later that it was the way the salesperson presented the product and made them believe they needed it that made them sign the credit card slip, not the product itself.

But your audience has come to your site or read your blog or liked a post, so they’re at least interested. You may still find some to be a difficult-to-impossible sell, but the best way I’ve found to break through some of that wariness is to be authentic. Curious about my prospects (without getting downright nosy). Genuinely concerned about their problems.

They’re overwhelmed by too many choices. Think about times when you’ve been shopping for shoes or insurance or a new set of golf clubs. Who made your experience the least frustrating? Who helped you zero in on your best options quickly? Most likely, the vendor who got creative with ways to present you with your most likely choices.Todd Martin 052313 image 2

If your catalog of offerings is sparse, no problem. But I guarantee that you will lose some likely buyers if you make them wade through lengthy lists or pretty pictures of unwanted products.

They can see what your product does, but not what it can do for them. This may seem like a fine distinction, but it’s a critical element of any sales process. Address the problems that your product solves — as many as you can think of — for various groups of people.

They simply don’t need what you’re selling. Part of being genuine is acknowledging when someone isn’t a good prospect. Maybe you’re getting along famously and the person seems interested, but you can see they’re going to be unhappy down the road. And unhappy people sometimes post online complaints that get lots of traction.

Todd Martin 052313 image 3They’re not sure where to go next. It should go without saying, but I’ve seen many websites and blogs that do a fine job of selling up to a point, and then they just stop. They don’t tell the audience what to do next. Want them to supply a bit of information to get a free demo or sample? Respond with a comment? Call you? Even adding a noticeable Click Here button has been known to increase online conversions.

Developing these Calls to Action effectively requires a combination of design skill and awareness of your site’s sales flow.

So when you’re able to get people to that critical moment, don’t be shy. Simple directions at the conversion point can make a difference.

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