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YouTube, Blogging, Podcasts Critical for Marketing in 2013

July 2, 2013

Social Media Examiner recently released its annual Social Media Marketing Report. Are you concentrating your social selling efforts wisely?

Truth be told, a lot of social selling success comes through trial and error, though you can find social media consultants and lists of best practices and lots of “How-To” articles.

Todd Martin 060713 image 1-1And many of those sources conflict with each other.

Some of your tried-and-true sales techniques have probably translated well to the web. But a lot of the effective new techniques that salespeople are using on their websites and social media posts and in their blogs came to light because some guy went, Hey! Why don’t I try this? It worked, and it got co-opted by many others.

Sometimes, this me-too approach works. But only if it:

a.) Meshes with your social selling strategy,

b.) Is a comfortable fit for your product and/or service line, and

c.)  Is implemented well.

Interesting Findings

With that in mind, I looked at the recent Social Media Marketing Report assembled by Social Media Examiner. This website is an excellent, credible source for social selling and marketing news, tips and guidance. Its researchers learned that interest in some social media avenues is trending upward, while the popularity of others is waning.

I think it’s helpful to tune into studies done by organizations that offer sound advice from individuals and companies that seem to be in touch with social media business best practices. So if you’re wondering what your next step will be with social selling, take into consideration Social Media Examiner’s findings, including:

  • Marketers are not losing interest in social media. In 2012, 83 percent said it was important for their business. That number moved up to 86 percent this year.
  • The two top areas where marketers need help? Tactics and engagement. This is not surprising. The old “sales funnel” concept is a little too tidy to use successfully with your social media leads, since relationship-building doesn’t always follow a linear path. There are numerous online roads to the same destination, and your peers out there are looking for more road signs.
  • Podcasting is heating up. Last year, these tools were only used by 5 percent of marketers. Predictions for 2013 show rapid growth: 24 percent of those surveyed are expected to jump in this year, and 32 percent are interested in learning how to best use this approach.Todd Martin 060713 image 2-1
  • The verdict on Facebook is mixed. Marketers say it and LinkedIn are their two most important social networks. Yet most aren’t convinced that Facebook is an effective avenue for them.
  • But YouTube gets a resounding endorsement. In fact, it’s the site mentioned most often by marketers when they share their plans for 2013.
  • Blogs aren’t going away. 58 percent of the marketing professionals surveyed are blogging, and 66 percent intend to ramp up their efforts this year.

How do these findings mesh with your own perception of the state of social selling? What would you like to learn more about? Let me know.

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