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6 Ways Your Website Can Help You Sell

September 13, 2013

Your website is working hard for you, 24/7/365. Make sure it’s working smart.

As I’ve probably written before, your website is your hardest-working salesperson. It doesn’t call in sick or have an off day. It doesn’t ask for more territory or a commission increase. All it wants is some design and content expertise as you continue to develop it as a sales tool.

Todd Martin 091113 image 1There’s no one formula for building the “best” selling website. Your “best” is different than everyone else’s. It should be as unique as the individuals, products and services that comprise your business.

That said, there are still some approaches that have worked for companies whose goals for their website include increasing revenue through sales. Here are some of the most successful practices:

Make your customers feel at home. Remember the earliest web sites from the mid-90s? They looked as interesting as tax returns. In 2013, there’s no shortage of tools and writers/designers who can help you create a comfortable atmosphere. This comes through in both your images and your words. So make sure that your first page invites prospects in.

Use exceptional art when you can. I use stock images in my blog. But you shouldn’t be using them on your website unless they’re visually pleasing and directly related to the message you’re trying to convey. Hire a professional to create a real eye-catching logo for you and reinforce your brand by using it as a theme throughout your site.

Be sure your visitors know more about you when they leave your site. There’s a lot you can offer them that will cost you little or nothing, but which will make your visitors remember you. A lot of people offer “white papers,” but that phrase sounds boring-and-too-long-to-read-quickly. Put together several one-page, easy-to-print-or-download takeaways that contain content like how-to tutorials and the benefits of using your product or service, not features charts.

Become an expert on your competitors’ sites. See what works and what doesn’t. Everyone borrows concepts Todd Martin 091113 image 2(not images or verbatim copy) from everyone else where online sales tools are concerned. No one holds a copyright on FAQs or comments sections or contests. Also, check out the websites of major global corporations, companies who have a lot of money to throw at designers. You may get some ideas for your own online presence.

Know who you’re trying to attract.  Market your website clearly to the right groups on external sites. Don’t plant links on sites that sell to high-earners if your products are most popular with millennials. Use language and images – on the right venues — that match your target audience’s needs and concerns.

Todd Martin 091113 image 3Get that priceless contact information. It doesn’t cost your visitors anything to leave their names and at least an email address (like I said recently, make sure they have easy access to your privacy policy). Some will be interested enough in what you’re selling that they’ll be willing to just get on your mailing list. Tell them what’s going to be in those emails upfront. Special discounts and pre-announcements of sales? Product sneak peeks? Helpful hints?

One more thing: Be sure you’re using a reliable hosting service, one with exceptional technical support. Your best salesperson needs to always be alert and available.

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