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How to Get Your Marketing Emails Read: 4 Tips

November 13, 2014

Email marketing campaigns have proven themselves to be effective through extensive use. Those that get read, that is

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If you’re like most people, you receive dozens of marketing emails every day. That’s because they produce leads and contacts.

Sometimes. You probably send most of those emails unread to your spam folder. If you’re putting together an email marketing campaign, avoiding that fate for your emails is crucial. Here are some simple tips that will help get your email marketing letters opened and read. That’s the first step for success.

  • Subject Lines Matter Most
    Many email marketers treat the subject line of their email as an afterthought. It should get your full attention if you expect it to get the attention of the recipient. Treat subject lines as your initial call to action. Keep them short, simple and personal. Questions like “Can I help you…” or “Are you ready to…” naturally lead the recipient to take action and open your email.
  • Use Mail Merge Fields to Personalize your Message
    If you’re using an email marketing app like Constant Contact, it’s easy to imbed contact data in your email. Use mail merge fields sparingly to personalize your message, though, and avoid clumsy merges that give your message a form letter feel. For example, avoid using full names in salutations. “Dr. [lastname]:” is great. “Dear [firstname] [lastname]:” is awkward. Try using the recipient’s [city] field as an adjective in the body content.
  • Keep Marketing Emails Short and to the Point
    Less is definitely more when it comes to marketing emails. Keep your message brief, with no long blocks of text. Use short, direct sentences. Open with a brief paragraph, and then follow that with a bullet list or chart. Wind up with a brief call to action paragraph. That’s it. Your entire email should be visible in your recipient’s email client window without scrolling. Test this by sending it to yourself, and then edit it until it fits.
  • Give Recipients an Action to Take and Ask Them to Take It
    Make it dead simple for the person reading your email to take action. Link to a specific website landing page, social media venue, or an email address you can track. If you want a phone contact, ask the recipient to call, but make sure someone will answer. Provide an incentive to stimulate action. Time-limited offers also work by creating urgency.

Email Marketing Only Works When Your Email is Read
It’s easy to send out hundreds — or even thousands — of marketing emails. Success is based on how many of those emails get opened and read. Spend as much time as necessary to create marketing emails that you’d open, read, and act on if they showed up in your inbox. The value of your marketing email depends on its perceived value by the recipient.

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