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Gagein One-Ups Google Alerts

December 1, 2014

I don’t often dedicate an entire blog post to one product, but this one’s worth it.

Finding information about your prospects and leads on the internet isn’t difficult. You have access to an embarrassment of riches between Google and its Alerts tool, social media, pricey data tools like Hoover’s, and the companies’ sites themselves.

The challenge is to do your research in a timely fashion – to find sources that consolidate the information you need without a lot of extraneous content.

I recently ran across a new tool that does that that: Gagein. Odd name, but very promising new site for getting the scoop on businesses that look promising — and on finding them in the first place. This is what you see when you choose a company to “follow:”

Todd Martin 120114 image

This image is a little fuzzy, but you can see the elements that comprise your company profiles, including:

  • News. Rather than having to sift through reams of news stories that don’t interest you, you can pare down the news displayed by selecting Triggers. These include things like Growth & Expansion, New Offerings, Personnel Changes, and Revenue & Earnings. You can also enter your own keyword. You can share stories by scheduling them to appear on your social media accounts, bookmark them, add to your calendar, etc.
  • About. This screen doesn’t present an annual report, but it does a good job of summing up the companies with descriptions, links to subsidiaries and divisions, a quarterly revenue graph, and contact information. Links to YouTube videos and Slideshare presentations appear in the right vertical pane.
  • People. Just what you’d expect: social and corporate profiles of multiple levels of management, along with their previous employers.
  • Competitors. This can be extremely helpful if you’re new to the company or its industry. This screen displays links to your targeted company’s chief competition. You can follow them, too, by clicking a link.

Gagein has data on over two million companies in its database. If it’s missing one you’d like to see, suggest it, and it will be added in 72 hours or less. You can also import business information from Salesforce or a CSV file.

You can simply enter the name of a company you’d like to follow, or you can use Gagein’s powerful search tool. You click in the box at the top and select either Build a company list or Build a people list (companies and people can also be assigned to groups that you define). The Triggers list opens, displaying the same filters you used when looking for relevant news stories; you can select an historical date range here. You can also search by parameters like industry type, headquarters locations, employee and revenue size, and ownership type.

Todd Martin 120114 image 2

Gagein’s Scores offer insightful customization tools that help you gauge the likelihood of sales to specific companies. The businesses you follow are ranked from 0 to 100, “…based on sales triggers and adapted to time value, company size, and market momentum.” You can go to the Edit screen to give each of Gagein’s triggers a priority score of from 1-10. A “1” would display a minimal number of companies with news related to that trigger. A “10” would return the most. Gagein also keeps track of your news story Likes and shows you your most relevant sales triggers.

I recommend you take advantage of Gagein’s free trial. After that, it’s $9.99/month for individuals, $12.99-27.99 per seat/per month for teams, and $14.99-32.99/seat/month for Gagein for Salesforce.

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