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Pipeliner CRM Elements: New Look, More Help, and Critical Sales Insight

December 15, 2014

The recently-released eighth version of the popular CRM solution remains true to the company’s founding principles, while improving usability, guidance, and customer relationships.

Todd Martin 121014When I launched this blog, I disclosed my employment relationship with Pipeliner CRM. Obviously, we develop and sell CRM software for sales professionals. I am the company’s Vice President, Global ISV & Partner Alliances, a role I’m enjoying very much for a company that I’m proud to be aligned with.

I’ve stayed away from talking about Pipeliner CRM because I want this blog to be about you, about the challenges you face as a sales professional in the 21st century. But I’d like to use this space today to fill you in on the recent update to Pipeliner CRM: Elements. I’m really excited about it because it helps solve a couple of problems that we all face: managing the time we have for dealing with the sales pipeline and its numerous customer relationships well, and the confusion that can occur when we’re dealing with multiple contacts at a company.

The core product is a desktop solution; it’s available for both Windows and Mac. But its reach extends to the online universe when necessary – especially to your social channels – so you can work from anywhere (the company calls this hybrid approach the SMART Cloud). Pipeliner CRM supports deep, comprehensive customer profiles that simplify and accelerate your contact management tasks.

But it’s much more than that. Like the name implies, this smart application displays your progress with customers using a graphical pipeline, with your target goals always easily accessible. It provides a step-by-step path that takes you through each individual element of the sales process, with intelligent lead generation and business intelligence built in.

You can collaborate with your team in real time, and integrate your sales data with numerous applications, including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and MailChimp. The application’s Dashboard pulls it all together, simplifying and accelerating information retrieval.

One of the many things that drew me to Pipeliner Sales was its sales philosophy. Pipeliner CRM is based on an economic theory that dates back to the mid-to-late 19th century: the Austrian School of Economic Thought. You may never have heard the name, but you’ve probably incorporated some of its management principles. Developed by management scientists and economists, this set of tenets continues to have impact on sales professionals in the 21st century. (You can read more about our philosophical foundation in our CEO’s ebook.)

To our knowledge, we’re the first and only software company that has built its application on these principles, and our users would agree that this theory is quite effective in practice.

Todd Martin 121014 image 2

Pipeliner CRM was already an intuitive, flexible application that incorporated a sleek graphical interface to simplify information and task management. The new, retooled Pipeliner CRM Elements builds on that solid base, adding:

  • A new user interface. More than just a pretty face (though it is that), the design and navigation incorporated in the Elements release make it even easier to zero in on exactly the information and insight you need.
  • A new logo. Simple yet bold, it symbolizes strength and confidence, two traits of a successful sales professional, and two qualities that Pipeliner CRM Elements can help instill in you.
  • A revamped Buying Center. It can be a real challenge to sort out all of the roles played by your contacts in a given company. The Buying Center makes it easy to build “relationship graphs” that illustrate visually how contacts and accounts are interconnected. Who are the influencers? The decision-makers? Who holds the purse strings? The hierarchical view that you’ll build lets you see all of that at a glance.
  • Better access to expert sales advice and related information.

Pipeliner CRM Element’s pricing structure is simple: $35 per user monthly. If you make a two-year commitment, an end-of-2014 special gives you a 20 percent license discount. A free trial is available.

You have numerous choices when it comes to selecting a social CRM solution, and I would never make a blanket recommendation for an application without knowing that it was a good fit for your organization. Pipeliner CRM Elements may not be the right choice for you, but I do think it’s worthy of your consideration.

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