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Good Google Placement Eluding You? How to Improve Your Odds

March 8, 2015

Unless your website or blog turns up in the first three pages of Google results (for searches people actually use), you’re not getting the visits you need. 

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That’s the sad truth that stymies sales performance for most online marketing efforts. Getting those top rankings is the job of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but unless your SEO is based on an understanding of how Google ranks sites and pages, it won’t deliver.

There are no tricks or magic formulas for success. Great SEO requires hard, detailed work in today’s hyper-competitive internet marketplace. By following the same strategies the experts use, you can boost performance. Try these five proven techniques:

  • Expand your keyword list – Primary keywords and phrases are important, but heavy competition makes achieving top rankings for them difficult. By focusing equally on secondary keywords and longer phrases, you’ll get higher rankings overall. Keyword suggestion websites can help, but your own intuitive choices may work even better.
  • Focus on location – Every Google search is a localized search, since Google knows where every searcher is. Associate your keywords and phrases closely with location keywords for improved results, but avoid awkward word associations. Hint: Also include alternative names for your target locations, like “Twin Cities” or “Manhattan.” Searchers use those frequently.

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  • Place keywords strategically – Put keywords and phrases in page titles, headings, bullet lists, and even in the page’s URL for maximum impact. Don’t overdo keyword frequency in page content. Include multiple key phrases on every page to expose additional search terms for ranking. Both Google and your visitors value readability, so focus on that.
  • Outstanding content is essential – Google’s recent Penguin and Panda algorithm updates verified that the search engine is ranking by the quality and relevance of page content. Relevant, informative, readable content improves SEO results. Visitors will stay and convert, too if it’s worth reading. Useful information, not hard sales pitches, wins the rankings battle.
  • A great visitor experience is the goal – Exactly how Google’s ranking methods work is a trade secret, but it’s no secret that Google watches visitor behavior. High bounce rates, stale or limited content, and unoriginal, copied text damage rankings. Work to keep visitors on your site for maximum SEO effectiveness and better conversion. You’ll win all around.

Great SEO Strategies Do More than Just Attract Visitors

Google has just one goal: giving its users search results that lead them to the most relevant, useful information for every search. That’s why it focuses heavily on ample, high-quality content in its ranking algorithms.

By making sure your website, blogs, and social media efforts provide what Google is looking for, you also give your own visitors what they need to make the decision to choose you.

Success in Google’s organic results rankings isn’t easy, but great results on Google will increase your chances of excellent returns on your bottom line. Focus on what Google wants, and you’ll be more likely to hit the mark with your potential customers.

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