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5 Ways Your Website is Scaring Away Sales

March 17, 2015

Whether your website is designed to sell products or services, retention and conversion of visitors are essential.

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Anything that interferes with those crucial goals is certain to send people back to the search results to find your competition. All too often, web designers focus on the wrong priorities and ignore visitor experience. If you’re not seeing increased sales from your Internet presence, take a hard look at your website and other marketing efforts to see if you are making these common mistakes:

  • Incorrect landing page focus – Search engines may send visitors to any page on your site. Search results rankings are based on content relevance and quality. Visitors who don’t immediately find the information they were seeking will leave a landing page in just seconds. Make the first thing they see informative and tied to the SEO focus of that page, and watch your bounce rates drop.
  • Poor navigation design – Some web designers fail to show visitors how to find information. Links hidden in drop-down or hover lists are not immediately obvious, and impatient potential customers won’t hunt for them. Important navigation links should be clear and always visible without scrolling. Don’t forget links in text content, either, and use well-recognized link formatting standards.
  • Inadequate informational content – A popular and disastrous trend in web design is limiting text content length. Template-based web designs and the cost of top-quality content are to blame. Site guests are trying to make a decision. If they don’t find sufficient information, they’ll look elsewhere for it. Conversion is the goal, so give people what they need to make a decision to choose your business.
  • Too many distractions – Fancy widgets, pop-up chat boxes, auto-playing videos, and other web design tricks oftenTodd Martin 031715 image 2 appeal to designers and business owners. They don’t appeal to your guests. Site visitors are on a mission. If they’re distracted or annoyed, their Back button is just a click away. Everything on your pages should focus on answering questions, offering solutions, and motivating guests to act.
  • Device or Browser Incompatibility – Up to 50 percent of your site visitors are using smart phones or tablets. When they land on a page that looks horrible or is impossible to read, they’re gone in a flash. Check your site on as many different platforms as you can and look at it through the eyes of a potential customer. Adaptive or responsive design is essential for success. If your pages don’t look great to everyone, they won’t sell.

Give Guests What They Want, and You’ll Get What You Want

Well-designed, informative websites and other Internet marketing strategies aren’t just a good idea; they’re essential. Focusing on visitor retention and conversion is the only strategy that makes sense.

The bottom line: Every Google search is a quest for information. Provide relevant, high-quality information, and your marketing is a winner. Make design and content mistakes that interfere with the visitor experience, and your competition wins.

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