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Make Your Website Sales Copy Sing — or at Least Whistle a Catchy Tune

March 31, 2015

Your website is a major production, like a concert or Broadway show. Will it be a hit ? Or will it close after one night?

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Your website has to wear a lot of hats, A big one is responsible for attracting visitors and giving them the information they’re looking for.

Making the sale, though, is essential.

Content that sells is like the hit songs people remember long after leaving a venue. Everything else should be designed to put a spotlight on your sales message. Making the sale or getting the lead is the core goal of the production. Sales copy has a unique job and requirements that are different from the rest of your content. Make it sing with these tips:

  • Simple Songs Move People – Unlike informational content, your sales copy and calls to action should be brief, simple and direct. Clarity, simplicity and relevance to visitors’ needs are crucial. Keep the focus on how a product or service benefits visitors, and they’ll dance to your music. Keep sales copy lively and ask for action. You’ll convince people to sing along.
  • Keep Sales Content Upbeat – Always focus on the positive in sales copy. Emphasize a few of the very best features of a product or service. Show visitors why they need it now. Get them up on their feet by using price and time-related incentives to move them from the sidelines to the dance floor. You’ll soon hear the applause.
  • Stay on Pitch and in Tune – No other content on your website is as important as your sales message. Trust your sales copy to the pros and it will never sing a wrong note or miss an entrance. Make every word count, keep the tempo lively and always remember the audience’s preferences. Quality makes the difference between a hit and a flop.
  • Get the Audience Tapping Its Feet – Maintain a constant, steady rhythm in your sales content. Skip complexity and focus on direct language that makes your points without unnecessary words or ornamentation. Simple, conversational sentences get visitors involved and keep them listening to the tune you’re singing.
  • Go for a Big Finish – Everything about your sales copy should lead toward the final chord in your pitch. Once they’ve heard the verses and chorus in your sales melody, pump up the volume and end with a solid, harmonious finishing note. Ask them to take action. If the music moved them, they’ll be motivated to buy the album.

Amp up Your Sales Content for a Sold-out Performance

Every year, dozens of big productions close almost as soon as the curtain rises. If you want your website show to have a long, successful run, make sure that it’s an audience pleaser. In copy that’s designed to close the deal, there’s no room for off-key notes or faulty rhythms. Focus closely on it and the sales curtain will keep rising.

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