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Use Your Words Wisely: 6 Common-Sense Content Marketing Tips

May 4, 2015

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Words matter. Choose them wisely as you compose for your website and blog to improve goodwill, sales, and your image.

All of the content on your website and social media venues has one overriding function. It needs to sell your products or services to visitors. That may seem obvious, but far too much content misses the mark badly in getting this job done. You get very little time to make the sale online, so every word has to count.

Getting and keeping the attention of impatient and fickle visitors isn’t easy, but a few simple psychological tricks can help. Use these strategies and you’ll have a leg up on your competitors:

  •  Focus on Visitors’ Needs – Lead off marketing content by showing that you understand exactly what problem your product or service solves. Identify the need right away and let readers know that you have the solution. You’ll get their attention and lead them into your pitch. Everyone who lands on your page came there with a problem to solve. Tell them how you can help with that.
  • How Can Questions Build Sales?  – Google is seeing more and more searches in the form of questions. Up to 25 Todd Martin 050415 iimage 2percent of all searches today are questions in need of answers. Maximize your SEO with headings that ask those questions (using your target keywords) and you’ll get more visits. Give the answer immediately and you’ll capture more leads.
  • Don’t Beat around the Bush – Once you’ve grabbed a guest’s attention, don’t waste time. Tell them immediately how your service or a product solves their problem. Get right to the point, presenting key features and benefits without wasting their time. You have just seconds to deliver your pitch, so get down to business before your guest bails.
  • Be Brief but Complete – Telegraph your message. Present the necessary information compactly. Focus on the highest-priority features first. Bullet lists work well in presenting details in a form that is immediately understood. Avoid rambling content that wastes time. Make your content marketing work like a slide in a presentation.
  • Sell Value, Not Price – Show your prospects why price isn’t the primary factor. Demonstrate value instead. Fast delivery, quality, durability, expertise or other factors can make the sale in a competitive environment. Tell them why they should choose you. By focusing on these secondary factors, you can conquer bargain-basement offerings elsewhere.
  • Ask for Action – Once you’ve captured attention and sung the praises of your offerings, close the deal. Use time Todd Martin 050415 iimage 3limitations, temporary discounts, bonuses, rebates or other incentives to turn visitors into leads and sales. If they don’t act now, they may never act. On your bottom line, nothing matters unless you convert your potential customers and clients.

Content Marketing Isn’t Rocket Science. It’s Psychology.

Selling on the Internet can’t be reduced just to a series of steps that always gets the same result. Unless you understand how your target audience can be attracted, retained and converted, your content won’t have maximum impact on your sales. When limited space and attention span are in play, using time-tested, customer-focused strategies that are proven to work will get the best overall results every time.

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