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Does Your Content Make the Grade? 6 Keys for A+ Marks

May 21, 2015

If your internet presence isn’t producing leads, it’s time to take a hard look at how well you’re presenting your message.

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Websites, blogs and social media have just one essential goal – getting noticed by visitors. Marketing copy is the appropriate tool for reaching that goal. If you’re not getting the conversion results you need, the problem is probably low-quality content. So delivering a convincing pitch is a must.

Do Internet Visitors Actually Read?
They do, but only if the content they find is worth reading. Every person who lands on your pages is there to solve a problem, get information, or fill a need. If the words on your page meet those goals effectively, you win. If not, your visitor bounces off to look elsewhere. Monitor your bounce rate in Google Analytics for guidance. If it’s over 50 percent on a web page or 70 percent on a blog, it’s time for a change.

These six essentials of outstanding content quality should be your guide:

  • Obvious Relevance at First Glance – If your visitors don’t immediately recognize the content as useful, they’re gone. Page and blog titles should clearly identify the topic and message. Use primary SEO keywords here and Google Todd Martin 052115 image 2will reward you with higher rankings.
  • Attention-Getting Headings and Subheads – Pull readers into your text by highlighting key ideas. Think of these as the PowerPoint slides in your presentation. Punchy wording and targeted SEO work here and also get Google’s attention.
  • Fast Identification with Readers – The first paragraph should lead with an acknowledgment of visitors’ goals. Demonstrate that you get the reason for their visit and let them know that they’ll find what they need in your content. They’ll read on.
  • Compelling Copy that Delivers – Short sentences work. Short paragraphs work. Dense, concise presentation of essential information works. Rambling text that wastes visitors’ time doesn’t work. Include power words and superlative adjectives, but sparingly. Avoid repetition.
  • Error-Free Execution – Flawless spelling, punctuation and grammar matter. Careful proofreading and editing will pay off in increased action. Spend at least as much time reviewing as you did in creating the copy. Bottom line: If your content doesn’t show respect for visitors, you won’t get their respect.
  • Effective Motivation to Action – What do you want readers to do? Tell them and ask for action in your wrap-up Todd Martin 052115 image 3paragraph. Include links in the text and make it easy for readers to take the next step. If they’ve gotten this far, you’re just one step away from success.

Outstanding Results Depend on Top-Quality Content
Here’s a secret that most web designers don’t understand: Everything on a website, blog or social media campaign depends on its content. Without excellent marketing text, nothing else really matters. Even Google recognizes this. Over the past few years, the search engine has increasingly focused its ranking algorithms on content quality. It rewards excellent writing with higher rankings.

Busy visitors, too, are becoming more quality-conscious. To make your online marketing more effective, increase your focus on optimizing your copy, even if that requires professional help.

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