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4 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Sales

June 9, 2015

Social media experts often say that actually selling on a blog doesn’t work. They’re partly right.

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Can a well-written, carefully-designed blog help you make sales?

Yes. But that’s not its primary function.

Trying to use your blog as a direct selling tool is unproductive, and it reduces readership. Instead, think of your blog as an educational medium with strong ties to sales content on your website. That strategy will help you build followers and generate leads and sales.

Blog readers want relevant, useful information. Give them that effectively, and they’ll follow your links to website landing pages. Lead them there this way:

  • Make getting contacts your top priority. Your blog design absolutely must incorporate a persistently visible contact box or widget. If your current design doesn’t allow that, it’s time to redesign. Include all methods of contact in one compact space. A live telephone, an email link and a website landing page link are essential. Include social media link icons and a subscription link, too. Making it easy for visitors to get in touch isn’t just a good idea – it’s the only thing Todd 060915 image 2that matters.
  • Make your blog readers want more — and lead them to it. Don’t give away the whole package in a blog post. Supply basic information in a compelling and compact format. Aim to build interest, not to satisfy the reader completely. For example, if you’re discussing a new product or service, just hit the highlights. Link to a specific, perfectly-relevant landing page on your website, and send your guest there for more. Let your website do the selling. That’s its job.
  • Give something valuable away to collect contact data. Depending on your business type, offer something valuable as a gift. Be as creative as possible. White papers and email newsletters don’t qualify. They’re old school. Offer something that has unique value to your target audience. Advertising tchotchkes can work. You can also offer discounts, specials, tip sheets, consumer guides, or other items that attract visitors. Offer real value. If you wouldn’t want it, your readers won’t, either.
  • If you send visitors somewhere, don’t let them get lost. Too many bloggers understand calls to action, but falter in the execution. If that link in your final paragraph doesn’t lead readers directly to relevant information, you’ve wasted their time and yours, too. Design landing pages to match your blog and ask visitors to visit the exact page you want them to see. If your landing pages don’t lend themselves to this type of link, change your website. It’s that important.Todd 060915 image 3

Make Your Blog Lead To Your Real Pitch and Readers Will Follow
Blogging takes time and burns creative energy. Unless your blog actually encourages contact by visitors, it wastes both. Focus on the informational side of the equation in your blog writing. Be smart about leading readers to your carefully-designed website landing and contact pages. That combination will help build your readership and effectively boost your sales and lead generation.

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