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How’s Your 2016 Content Marketing Strategy Shaping Up?

December 17, 2015

Use first quarter slow periods to punch up your marketing plan.

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For most small businesses, except for accounting and tax prep firms, January is the beginning of a relatively slow period. It’s an ideal time, though, to focus on marketing strategies for the upcoming year.

Your online content marketing will be more and more important in 2016. Making a concerted effort to increase its effectiveness during slow periods could be the best way to ensure maximum profitability as people recover from the holidays.

Here are five ways to build up the impact of all content marketing now. You’ll reap the benefits as the year progresses.

  • Clear Away Aging Clutter – Review every aspect of your marketing content. Get rid of obsolete or untimely content on your website and social media venues. Outdated content and superfluous dross distracts your visitors and gets in the way of fresh approaches. Look at everything with an eye on eliminating whatever can’t help you going forward.
  • Freshen Up Existing Website Content – After dumping the old, renew what remains. Check every page closely. Correct errors wherever they exist. Tighten up overly wordy content. Replace weak prose with new, power-packed language. Update info on products and services to reflect current offerings and plans.
  • Make Everything More Mobile Friendly – Google’s most recent reports on mobile user searches shows a steep climb. Searches from mobile platforms are rapidly approaching 75 percent of all searches. Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Look at your website and social media offerings on a variety of mobile platforms. Make your site look its best and you’ll enjoy more revenues.
  • Create New Email Marketing Content – If you’re using your CRM platform for email marketing, create brand new campaigns for 2016. Your contact list has already seen your old material. Try new tactics and focus on maximum impact through concise, punchy content for every campaign. Research current marketing thinking online and test those ideas.
  • Refresh Your Informational Offerings – Use the first quarter slump to review and update existing PDF materials, online presentations, videos and other visitor incentive collateral. Create new offerings that reflect your strategies and plans for the future. Give your customers fresh new ways to learn how you can help them.

Beat the New Year Blues by Boosting Content Marketing Performance
Once the holidays are over, it’s always tempting to take some time to recover from year-end stress. Everyone, including your contact list, seems to go into a slump.

Soon, though, people will wake up and be ready to take on the future. Get a jump on that awakening by maximizing the impact of your online marketing content now. Surprise your customers and clients by hitting them with fresh new reasons to choose you. Energize your marketing today and you’ll stimulate new business throughout the year.

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