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5 Hurdles Your Sales Emails Must Clear to Win

January 7, 2016

Every sales email is a high hurdles race. Don’t stumble.

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Each sales pitch you broadcast to your email contact list is in a race with a large field of competitors. Getting to the finish line at the front of the pack is never easy. So clearing every hurdle in this race cleanly is essential.

While you don’t always need to win the gold, if you aren’t on the winners’ platform regularly, improving your technique can improve your performance. Here are five ways to boost your chances:

  • Get off the starting line fast – Get the jump on your competitors with a powerful subject line for every sales email. Begin with an action phrase, like “Save 20 percent,” “Get more,” “Learn the secret” or “Act now.” Include concrete numbers for discounts, savings, or the points you will make. Avoid clever word play and make your subject line compelling. Don’t lose before you start.
  • Maintain a fast, steady pace – Every sales email is a short, intense sprint. Aim to keep your entire email visible without scrolling. Get started quickly with a strong value proposition and keep your content under 250 words. Brief, simple sentences, short paragraphs and concise list points grab and hold attention without wasting impatient readers’ time.
  • Clear hurdles with perfect form – Avoid boredom with compelling information. Identify your reader’s pain and offer a solution. Don’t waste words. Triple-check for language errors that can cause stumbles. Don’t wander away from your central message. Review your email carefully and fine-tune everything until it’s perfect. Retaining readers depends on small details.
  • Keep your eyes on the finish line – Have a specific goal for each sales email you send. Everything in your message should work toward that target. If you get off message, you’re sure to trip and lose your readers. Careful attention to selling throughout the content will keep you in the correct lane and get you over every hurdle smoothly. Lead readers step-by-step toward action.
  • Sprint through the end of the race – Don’t miss the most important part of beating your competition. Give your readers an obvious, simple way to make a commitment. Link to a specific landing page on your website or other venue that addresses your main topic directly. Consider this: If you can convert twice as many prospects once they take action, you’ll double your revenues.

Competition in Every Inbox Is Fierce. Winning Demands Perfection

Conversion rates for email sales campaigns are always low. It’s the nature of the game. Paying close attention to the details of every sales email is the key to boosting conversion. Focus on converting just one or two percent more of your recipients and you’ll be a medalist in every race. Refine your efforts, monitor results closely, and you’ll lead the pack consistently.

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