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3 Signs That It’s Time to Look for a New Sales Job

January 23, 2016

Watch for important signals that indicate the need for a change.

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 In any sales career, movement is inevitable, since few positions offer long-term permanence. It’s the nature of the occupation. Still, career moves without a good reason make little sense. There’s much to be said for stability, and opportunities to advance often exist right where you are.

Even so, knowing when it’s time for a change is the key to planning for a beneficial change. Changes in your current work environment often signal the need for thoughtful attention.

1.) Your inner voice may be telling you something important.
Pay attention to increasing feelings of dissatisfaction. If you’re having trouble staying motivated or wondering if you’re in the right spot, investigate the reasons. If you’re losing confidence in products or services you’re marketing, ask why. If your progress toward career advancement seems to have stalled, look for answers.

2.) Difficult relationship issues with supervisors or peers may be other signals. Ask yourself whether those problems originate with you or come from outside. Look for ways to improve the situation, but if a careful evaluation doesn’t suggest potential solutions, it may be time to begin looking elsewhere.

3.) Changes occurring at your workplace may predict your future.
Every company occasionally makes adjustments in business strategies. If those changes affect you negatively, concern is warranted. Try to assess the situation. Are sales down across the board? Is the company in financial difficulty? Search for news about market changes and watch for cutbacks.

Have there been modifications in sales strategies or major leadership staffing changes? These may be signs of impending downsizing.

Do your due diligence in researching any changes you’re noticing. Search online for clues to what’s happening at your workplace. Actively assess conditions and evaluate the company’s prospects. Changes could be either beneficial to your career or signal the need to explore other options.

Unusual attitudes toward you may be warning signals. If relationships with supervisors and co-workers deteriorate unexpectedly, pay close attention. Unrealistic demands for increased production and sudden increases in sales quotas are causes for alarm. If you’re being nudged out of the loop or your input is ignored, find out why. Such issues are signs that should be carefully monitored.

Those changes may have nothing to do with your performance, but may reflect alterations in company policy or others’ personal issues. Regardless of the reason, though, don’t ignore reality. If you can’t reverse such changes, you may need to act.

If Signs Indicate That It’s Time to Move, Start Planning Right Away
If you’re uneasy about your current position, keep in mind that you were looking for a job when you found the one you have. Try to resolve current issues, but be prepared to look elsewhere. Polish your resume and discreetly explore other options. Don’t wait for a crisis. Be proactive about your career and take action before you’re forced into it.

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