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Are You Getting Fresh with Your Customers?

March 14, 2016

No, not that kind of fresh. You have an effective way to keep them visiting you online: your blog, and its immediate relevance.

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How do you get prospects and customers to go to your website? You probably do some email marketing announcing sales. Maybe you provide links on Facebook and Twitter for new product announcements, unadvertised discounts, etc. Or you’ve been doing a stellar job with your SEO efforts and they’re finding you in Google searches.

There’s another way, one I haven’t discussed for awhile: a regularly-updated, engaging blog that offers education, news, and sometimes even lighthearted fun.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Have you created a blog yet? They’re really quite easy to launch and update – certainly much easier than building a website but a little more challenging than status updates and tweets. Blogger (free!) and WordPress are two of the oldest, simplest and best-known, but there are many others.

If you’ve started a blog but have lost your enthusiasm about keeping it updated, I suggest you either do so or take it down. The internet is full of ghost blogs, pages that were started with good intentions but then forgotten. Anyone landing on such a site may wonder if you’re still in business, and if so, why you’ve neglected the space. It will reflect on your brand.

Complete Control

Know what I like most about having a blog? It’s the only area of my online presence where I can quickly add or edit content. Yes, tweets and Facebook posts don’t take more than a Todd Martin 031416 image 2minute or so—if that—but I can’t really expand on a topic there; rather, I have to get visitors to click on links. And if you run your own website, you know what a pain it can be to make a simple change – depending on what tools you use.

Your blog can be whatever you want it to be without putting too much time into the production end. I don’t think it’s necessarily the best venue for content like:

  • Breaking company news,
  • Promotional announcements, or,
  • In-depth product and/or service information.

The first two are best placed where your customers and prospects would typically go for the latest news, Twitter (if you have an active, well-attended feed), Facebook (ditto) or email. That’s where your gotta-tell-it-now stuff should go. All of those communications tools, too, should be directing people to your website, where they can learn all they need to know about your offerings (and, hopefully, place orders).

But there’s room for fresh information on your blog, too, content that can drive people to Todd Martin 031416 image 3your website. You could write about, for example:

  • News from your industry, analyzing its impact on consumers and businesses.
  • Emerging technology and standards that will affect how people use your products.
  • Videos illustrating how to best set up/launch/use a new product.
  • Products or services that are complementary to yours or which can be integrated.

You can write snippets when ideas strike you or news breaks, and drop in “fluff” occasionally (funny or heartwarming content you want to share), but your best blog content will showcase your own expertise and your products’ real-life applications as you help customers improve their personal or professional lives.

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