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“Tell Our Audience What They’ve Won, Jim:” Add Value to Every Sales Email You Send

April 14, 2016

Boost sales by making your value proposition the focus of your message.

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If the conversion rate for your sales and marketing emails doesn’t match your expectations, odds are that your recipients aren’t getting the real message. For you, the goal is to drive addressees to your website or generate leads. Potential customers, though, are driven only by value and their current needs.

Communicating the value of your products or services clearly, quickly and effectively should be the top priority for every email you send. You know where the benefits are. If you can broadcast them to your impatient, rushed audience, you’ll see your response rate climb.

Here are some of the most effective ways to communicate your value proposition:

Demonstrate value immediately

The first challenge for every sales email is keeping viewers away from the Delete button. Use dynamic, action-oriented words in your subject line to catch attention and invite recipients to open the mail. Immediately show how your message will benefit your audience. Old school words like New, Save, Discount, Profit, and Bargain still work to grab viewers and motivate them to read on.

Get to the point in your first paragraph

Once you convince potential clients or customers to open your email, don’t waste words. Lead off with specific information about how you can help them achieve their goals and take advantage of the value you offer. Your opening has to convince them to continue reading. Nothing succeeds better than laying out your proposition immediately. Make your leading paragraph your elevator pitch.

Don’t waste your reader’s time

The more concise your message is, the more effective it will be in encouraging action. Telegraph the value you offer with punchy, brief content. Your recipient should never have to scroll down to get the message. Show how your products or services will help solve a problem and help the reader. Use numbers, percentages and bullet points to demonstrate the real benefits you offer.

Make it easy to take action

Once you’ve convinced your addressees that you have what they need, lead them strongly to the next step. Use time limitations, rewards, or other enticements to get them to click through to your landing page or make contact. Always make it obvious how to take action. If readers make it to the end of your email, you’ve already succeeded. Help them pull the trigger and watch your response rate soar.

Email marketing and sales is a matter of small percentages. If your current marketing efforts are just getting an average percentage of responses, focus on increasing your conversion rate. If you’re seeing only a 2 percent response, more effective, value-oriented strategies could boost that to 4 percent. That small increase doubles your leads or sales.

Monitor responses carefully and keep fine-tuning your email campaigns based on actual results. Once you find a winning strategy, stay on that track.

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