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Social Selling Meets Content Marketing: Your New Role As Publisher

October 5, 2012

Your involvement in social selling makes you a publisher now. The challenges – and some solutions.

Not since the appearance of the printing press has publishing been altered so radically. Websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter and their competitors rival Gutenberg’s 15th century invention in terms of their impact on both individuals and businesses.

As a sales professional and a publisher, one of your roles involves content marketing. That’s a short phrase that describes a long list of online opportunities that can help meet your company’s goals. It simply refers to the process of communicating with customers and prospects in ways that may interest them in your products and/or services and result in sales.

Before I start exploring topics like social media strategy and content marketing implementation with you, I’d like to address some of the challenges I’ve seen companies face – all of which have realistic, attainable solutions.

Challenge: Content development

  • Your writing skills are weak.
  • You’re short on content ideas.

Everyone experiences one or all of these at times. You don’t have to write masterful prose to create your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn updates. When lengthier pieces are required (like for your blog), find someone who can write, a staff person or freelancer. Do a tradeout for their services.

Invite guest bloggers. Repurpose marketing materials you’ve already produced. Interview an expert. Comment on local events or a movie you saw or – yes – post a picture of your pet. Describe how your products are used to solve problems. Get your readers involved.

Challenge: Mastering technology

Social media developers have done an admirable job of building tools with simple, understandable interfaces and instructions, but things like graphics, page design and use of video and audio can stump the most intelligent person.

There are tons of free resources available. Find webinars and online tutorials and YouTube videos that explain an element of content marketing. If you can’t hire a professional, just keep everything simple and do your best.

Challenge: Getting found

Even if you meet the first two challenges, your efforts will be for naught if prospects and customers can’t find you.

Here again, you can use the web to learn. There are myriad ways to “optimize” your online content so it will get good placement in Google searches. And your audience will share compelling pictures or videos or posts with their networks.

If this all sounds very daunting, rest assured that people with fewer resources than you have – and you have more than you probably think – are doing content marketing successfully because they’re:

  • Willing to learn
  • Willing to ask for help
  • Willing to budget time daily.

Content marketing requires more than a specific set of skills. It calls for confidence on your part. You have to believe that people want to hear what you have to say. That you can solve some of their problems or make their lives a little better.

If you have that kind of belief in your company and its products, you can learn the rest. I’ll help.